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Sacred Work

Group Spiritual Support for Folks Who Strive to Make a Better World


This is an invitation to those who are actively working for good, particularly those who sacrifice something (time, money, sleep, income, prestige, peace of mind) to create change; invitation to be, rather than to do; opportunity to breathe and to lay down some of the weight for a little while; slow down, notice the holy, and learn to hear the still, small voice within;


...and to sit with others as we share our stories and ourselves.


Although we will sometimes lament and gnash our teeth in anger or anguish, our resting place will be the world we are working together to build rather than the one we are desperately trying to fix.


This will be a space where we can name the Divine using whatever language is comfortable to each of us. We may share spiritual practices or rituals that one or another of us has found comforting or engaging. We may listen to poetry or prayers. We may simply sit in silence together. We will have the opportunity to reflect on our lives and to share what is important. Honoring one another by maintaining confidentiality will be foundational. Our purpose is not group therapy or advice, nor is there a stealth agenda to preach or teach a particular set of beliefs. Our intention is to provide support and nurturance to one another as we each share our own authentic voice.


A new Sacred Work group is being formed which will meet at the Nashville Friends Meetinghouse on the following Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30:
January 31
February 28

March 21
April 25

May 23

June 27

To register or if you have questions, please email me at or call 615-337-6656.


Suggested donation of what you can afford between $20 and $5 per session. 

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